Flower cold stores

Flower cold stores have big different with normal cold stores at they are stored fresh and perishable flowers. The real purpose of the cold store is to ensure that the flower in terminal consumer hands as beautiful as in the field. Cold chain of flowers, includes precooling after harvest, temperature control in packing hall, post grading and refrigerated transport and dealer’s cold stores etc. Our refrigeration technology is applied to any above step.

Our advantages are:

We are familiar with the optimal storage temperature of different varieties

Optimal humidity. If the humidity is too high, it will raise botrytis, but if too low, the flower will wither faster

Good air circulation not only will remove the respiration heat of the flower, but also won’t let the cold air blows directly the surface of the bud.

Slow don the respiration and that way their response to ethylene, moisture loss and physical damage. Cooling also slows down the rate of opening of the flowers.

Proper ventilation can reduce the hazardous gasses which can negatively affect the quality of the flowers.

Different function cold stores are necessary to need requirements.

Pre cooling

cold stores

Packing hall with temperature control

Seamless joint with refrigeration truck to prevent condensing water