Successful cases

Tissue culture laboratory and cold stores of Flower Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences

The tissue culture laboratory of FRI is located in JiuXi of YuXi with area 3000 sqm. It was built by integration the Dutch refrigeration technology and tissue culture technology.


Tissue culture laboratory of Yunnan Harsfarm


The laboratory is located in Songming of Yunnan. The secondary project are built in 2015. The whole lab is about 2000 m2.

Seeds cold stores of Zhenyuan, Yunnan

The seeds cold stores are located in ZhenYuan county of Yunnan. The projects are built in 2015 with different temperature rooms.

Flower cold stores of Yunnan BenSe Flower.

The flower cold stores are located in DouNan market. The cold store has precool wall to precool flowers after harvest.

Flowers and bulbs cold stores of Yunnan ZhenShanMei

The flowers and bulbs cold stores are located in Flower demonstration area in XiaoJie, SongMing. The cold stores can store imported color calla lily bulbs and cut flowers.


Flowers cold stores of PinYuan flowers

The cold stores are located in MiLe, Yunnan. The flower cold stores are divided into precool, daily storages and posted storages.


Book fumigation room of Yunnan University



The book fumigation room of Yunnan University adopt the nature fumigation technology from the Netherlands to fumigate the ancient books. The treatment has no any damages and without any chemicals formed. This is the first domestic precedent to treat large batch books.

Food cold store of Dali MiNa

The food cold stores are built in MiDu County, DaLi, Yunnan. They are used specially for roses and flower paddles. The temperature can be controlled precisely with sanitation standard.


Vegetables cold store and sea food freeze store of Yuxi HongQiao market

The HongQiao market cold stores are located in Yuxi, Yunnan. The cold store can store fruits and vegetables. The freeze store can store sea food and meat. The stores are sanitation standard.