Bulb cold stores

Bulb cold stores are quite different cold stores. Following factors should be consideration when going to build:

Variety of bulb: different bulbs have different requirements on humidity and temperature.

Different storage period have different temperature request.

During the storage, the bulbs will produce CO2 which is a hazardous gas for bulbs. The proper ventilation is a critical factor.

The bulbs are sensitive on the temperature fluctuation. The influence is difficult identified by eyes. It is too late to find the bad quality of the flower if it caused by the sharp fluctuation.    

Our advantages:

Different storage character on self-reproducing bulbs with imported bulbs.

Different refrigeration system in different projects

World brand evaporators to meet requirement of big air flow, long distance of air throw and small temperature difference.

Professional thermostat for bulb cold stores

Imported agricultural fan to achieve multi-angle air supply, big air flow but low power consumption. The fan uses in high humidity and low temperature environment and has a long life.

Ventilation facilities