Selection of Cooling equipment and the design of the cold storages

The requirements of the cooling system and the actual selection of equipment has to be made by professional companies with extensive experience in this field. 

At first sight temperature seems to be the key parameter when designing refrigerated storage. Many people do not realize that temperature this is only one of the parameters which will be taken into consideration during the calculation process.

The key facts in design of a cold store are:

Climate issue

Storage temperature and humidity -required

Outside temperature and humidity- enviroment

Quantity and temperature of the product flow

Air circulation in the storage

Ventilation-fresh air

Altitude of the site 

Dimension of the storages

Height of the cold store

Length and width dimensions

Numbers and type of the door

Height of the door

number of cold storages

logistic system

Height of storage, level of the shelves

The frequency of opening the doors

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